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New AOLs

My council just added our new AOL’s to our roster and they show up in Scoutbook. If I remember correctly, I need to add the parents and have the parents invite their own scout?

Check the AOL connections to see who’s listed. If you find no parent then add them and they are automatically connected to their scout. You should follow up with a call so they respond to the invite.

Remember to search for the parent first, rather than jump creating a new account for them. I find that searching by email works most reliably.

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From the cub side, we have very few parents sign up for Scoutbook or a My Scouting account. I might have my Cubmaster in the system, I’m not sure, and that’s it.

You may need to hand hold parents through the process to sign up at all.

I had understood that the system was somehow automatically creating parent accounts off of data from prior new scout applications. I even had a couple of “duplicates” appear with old or missing email addresses.

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