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New bear wants to earn all previous ranks

So I have a bear scout who just joined and already completed bobcat and has started some bear adventures but she wants to earn ranks and loops for tigers and wolves as well. I’m not sure if that is okay, obviously she will have to perform them with her family members etc. any thoughts on this?

Unfortunately, in cub scouts, with the exception of bobcat, the tanks are school grade based. You cannot go back and earn awards assocuated with material earlier in the curriculum.

That’s what I thought but needed confirmation. She will have to be okay with earning all the bear loops and next year start on webelos pins… lol I’m sure that’s enough to keep her busy. But the enthusiasm is awesome!

Try to point out to her that there are lots of awards available to Bear Scouts, too! :+1:


Have her look into the nova stem awards. Those can keep her busy for an eternity


We are already in process for religious award. And she is going to look into the nova awards too shes very interested in atleast 3 of them lol… we have plenty to keep her busy that’s for sure.

Direct from the Guide to Advancement: Cub Scout Ranks

The Cub Scout program is centered primarily in the den, the home, and the neighborhood, but often takes place in the outdoors. It leads to advancement through seven ranks, which—except for the Bobcat rank—are gradeor age-based. Cub Scout dens are named for the rank, other than Bobcat and Arrow of Light, that the members are working to achieve. Cub Scouts are eligible to earn ranks as follows:

Lion. For youth who are kindergarten age.
Bobcat. Earned first by all Cub Scouts except Lions, no matter when they join.
Tiger. For youth who have completed kindergarten or are 7 years old.
Wolf. For youth who have completed first grade or are 8 years old.
Bear. For youth who have completed second grade or are 9 years old.
Webelos. For youth who have completed third grade or are 10 years old.
Arrow of Light. For youth who have completed fourth grade.

Cub Scouts do not “go back” and work on ranks designed for earlier grade levels, even if missed due to their time of joining. Likewise, Cub Scouts do not “move ahead” to work on the next rank until the completion of the current school year (or until their next birthday if their chartered organization transitions by age), with the exception of those who earned the Webelos rank in the fourth grade.

They can’t go back and do ranks for previous years, but the awards are still fun and a good family experience. I’d let the scout/family know that they can’t officially earn the loops, but if they do the activities they absolutely could be awarded unofficial patches in recognition of their awesome scout spirit and dedication!

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