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New Cub Scouts showing in Scoutbook but address didn't synch

Our Registrar added new Scouts into a Pack last week and the Cubmaster says he can see the Scouts but not the addresses for them?
Isn’t everything supposed to synch or is there a glitch?

Where is he looking for the addresses? Are you able to see the addresses (assuming you are a unit admin)?

I am a Council employee so I can’t see anything in Scoutbook. The information is in Scoutnet.
Not sure where he is looking, I assume the youths profile

Any idea why the address information didn’t transfer over to Scoutbook?
Will it mess anything up if the Leader adds that information manually?

The address information should have come over. But no harm in adding it in Scoutbook.


What is your council and the unit with the issue? The developers need this to look into the issue.

Oh thank you because I just heard back from them and apparently it’s 13 Scouts not just one!
It’s Blue Ridge Council #551 and Pack 3009

The developers are telling me this unit has 61 Scouts and all have addresses. Did the unit manually enter the data?

I don’t believe so. I’ll have to check with them

I am going to send him a link to this thread because now he says that advancement and parent information isn’t showing either.

Parents will not sync - those are user created

Hello - I see from your comment that you are saying that the Parents information nor emails are not created during the sync process is that correct?

@ThadRoland yes - unless they are leaders in a unit - but even then they are not connected to their child

So all the sync does is create a record for a child and put them with a unit and none of the other information from the application pushed to the app?

It depends what you mean by “none of the other information”. Address, phone number, and date of birth come over. The only thing that doesn’t is the parent connection.

I was talking about more along the lines, Parent and emails and such so that I can tell Parents about events.
Is there a away to put in an Improvement Request to get this added in a future release?

It is already something being considered. It’s one step at a time. Getting the Scout and Adult Leader info was a huge step, but the parent info is even more complicated.

@ThadRoland - what I have done with new applications is to enter the scout and parent info, make that connection then submit the paperwork to council. The only thing I had to do once the sync occurred after council entry was to remove the youth membership entry in the new scouts. They were made easier to spot as they were showing up outside of a den but also in their respective dens.

The Council has all my paper work so I can not add them. Since the information is on the sheet the sync program should be able to be enhanced to pickup this information too.

If you’re adding Lions/Tigers, then the parents are likely to also be added - at least in my council that’s how it happens. BUT they aren’t automatically connected to their child. That has to be done by a Pack Admin.

We had some issues because our council was helpfully creating their accounts, and sending them an invitation to Scoutbook, which made it so that when the pack sent an invitation a day or two later they figured they didn’t need to reply. Once we figured out that parents have to accept an invitation FROM THE PACK for us to have their addresses show up in our roster, on their profile page, etc, we haven’t had any issues with missing information.