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New Feature Request - Permanent posting of Web links

I know that uploading images and videos would take up a ton of server space.

But, it would be nice if there was a section where each unit could share IMPORTANT LINKS, and that would stay on the Scoutbook Page as a Resource for the unit members.

The links could be for things like:
New Adult Applications
New Scout Applications
Medical Forms

Example: I have a Google Drive Folder that I make shareable, post the link on the Unit Scoutbook page and it directs them to my shared folder for access.

Right now, I find myself having to re-send documents to scouts a lot. It would be nicer to just direct them to Scoutbook Unit Resources.


Units already have this ability via unit forums. You can pin a post with permanent links to the top of your unit forum for easy access.

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That’s what we do, and it works great!

How do you PIN it, to keep it at the Top? (so they don’t get lost in the chaos that will ensue)

Do you know if the unit admins can reorder the posts as the come in? Example: multiple people make posts about Summer camp, but don’t categorize them the same.

Once you create a post, there are options available for it, as shown here. Not sure if it’s restricted in any way or not, but you can pin posts to the top, bump them back up, and close them.


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