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Yet another issue. As stated in the 9/29/2021 update BSA #10671224 User UD 7015033 has the icon listed on our Scoutbook Unit roster. He is registered at Thanks.


The Executive Officer should not have the warning icon. I do see him on the official roster for Pack 0004 and Troop 0004. Are you referring to one of these units?

NO Pack 0030. He is a Committee Member.

This user is not registered in your Pack 30 - that is why the icon is there - in fact there are no registrations for Pack 30 under this BSA #

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Just to be clear, the MID specified has never been registered as a committee member in any unit.

BSA 10671224 is a retired pastor and could have been previously registered in Pack 0004 but application was submitted as Committee Member of Pack 0030. The icon just appeared today. Thanks.

OK, I found the problem. This individual has 2 BSA Member IDs (MID) in your council. You will need to speak to the registrar to get his registrations consolidated to a single ID. He is currently registered as Executive Officer on MID 10671224 and Committee Member on MID 115306725.

The warning icon was a change made last night.

What does MID stand for?

MID=BSA# @KeithSmith4

MID = Member Identity (BSA number)

THANK YOU for your help, Council registrar resolved the issue.

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Thanks Ed. The Council Registrar resolved our issue.


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