New leader somehow connected her account and her sons

I have a new leader who somehow connected her account with her son’s. Her original trainings are all listed under her son’s name and BSA number 137245355. She has gotten into her own account (BSA number 137245356) and re-started youth protection, which froze and will not let her continue. Now she is locked back out of her account and both accounts in Scoutbook are missing the BSA numbers, but I don’t have access to add them back in. I also don’t have a re-invite option to override. She tried changing the password and still can’t get back into her account.
HELP! Thank you

Update: Now it seems when they set up her husband’s account, it merged her BSA member number onto his name. I’m not sure where or how to begin handling it and wonder if deleting the scout would reboot all their accounts?

Well she made her login for my.scouting and attached it to her son instead of her - you/she needs to talk to council to resolve this

Thank you. Council said they are going to have to reach out to National.

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