New Member Coordinator is showing up twice with name misspelling

Somehow my New Member Coordinator is in the BSA system twice. Her actual BSA id is 12591707. I’m not sure how this happened, but it is just confusing because she shows up twice on one of her Scout’s profile.

Can everything for BSA id 133743195 be merged onto BSA id 12591707, and then (and only then) delete BSA id 133743195 from existence so that it never raises its ugly head again?

At the end of this:

  • BSA id 12591707 should continue to be our Troop’s New Member Coordinator.
  • BSA id 12591707 should continue to have their YPT status.
  • BSA id 12591707 should be the only Parent/Guardian attached to BSA id 133743194.
  • BSA id 133743195 should no longer exist.


@JamesBishop1 This one is a little more complicated.

Please contact the local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up her child with first initial “A.”. In the Relationships" tab / section, she needs to be removed as parent under her secondary BSA MID 133743195, and added as parent under her primary BSA MID 12591707. This should help prevent future issues.

Thank you! I’ve reached out to GNYC Service Desk.

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