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New Membership Fees Disclosed + New One-Time Joining Fee

Last week, the Boy Scouts of America announced that the annual membership fee for youth and young adult participants will increase from $60 to $66 effective August 1, 2020. There will also be a onetime BSA joining fee for new members of $25. If a Scout has been registered in the last five years, BSA will not charge the new member fee. In addition, BSA plans to increase the membership fee to $72 on August 1, 2021, and to $75 on August 1, 2022.

Can you point to an official announcement of these increases?

Grand Canyon Council says it is so.

New BSA Membership Fees Effective August 1st
BSA recently announced an increase in membership fees that will become effective August
1, 2020. The new youth registration fee will be $66 and adult registration will be $42.
Additionally, BSA has established a one-time initiation fee for new youth members of $25
Units that successfully complete their recharter process by July 31st will be able to register
all members for 2020/2021 at current rates, thus saving money. Additionally, new youth
who register prior to August 1st can avoid the initiation fee.

Not surprising, but also not mentioned anywhere on scouting.org… I’ll hold judgement until I see it from a source at National.

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The changes for 2020 were published in Scouting magazine

I would expect the fees for 2021 to be published there as well.

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It’s being discussed on Facebook openly. Like others here, I have not seen any official announcement or even heard a hint from anyone in any official role.


The fees have also been posted by Heart of Virginia Council.

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$6/year increase? That’s only fifty cents a month. Barely an inflation-adjustment.

Sadly, many will complain and use it as an excuse to raise a ruckus.


@PaulMcDonald - and of course that has already started on Facebook.

10% for existing ($60 vs $66) and a 51% increase for new members for a whole year ($60 vs $85) or 125% increase for those that start in September ($20 vs. $45 now). Much bigger for new members than existing.


So new members hold off on the uniform for a bit and go with a tshirt instead. Solved.

I don’t get it, that doesn’t change the cost.

Agreed; however, it does adjust the cash flow for the adult.

FYI - Official notice just posted.


Somebody has a talent for introducing fee increases at the most awkward times. As part of a rural Troop this will certainly put a cramp in our recruiting. It’s difficult enough to get good volunteers without making them pay to help out.


@JohnJeter - it would seem to me that no matter when they did it the crying game would begin. Based on an annual meeting in May I gather the fiscal year starts in June but that is a guess.

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I thought there was supposed to be a fund set up for families having financial challenges to help with paying fees? Yes, the increase is small, but if you’re one of the ~20% of Americans that is now unemployed due to COVID-19, the timing for this increase is not ideal. Taxing new scouts isn’t exactly great for recruiting (which will already be a challenge given COVID-19). At least they announced it at a time where units can properly react & budget accordingly.

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Just to give a perspective on organization costs. To join my masonic lodge it is $50 for the application fee, then $300 when the joining process is done. Then the annual dues are $140 per year. The suits, tux and other things are on me to pay for. It is 2 meetings per month except during July and August and participation in any other events are at what ever the cost assigned is. That does not include any masonic related organization that I might also belong to. Those dues and costs are over an above that.

I have a 5 year old that is planning join this fall. Before they were allowed to join June 1. Are they still allowed to join now or do they have to wait until Aug 1 because of the covid 19 changes to current rank advancement? Or can they join this month or next and avoid the $25 fee. I am ok with a price increase but defiantly not happy about another 25 fee. But if they are going to have this fee all leaders need to be covered and not charged a fee on top. We are volunteering our time and yet we are hit again with another fee.

The last raise occurred during recharter, requiring us to go back and ask for more money from families that had already paid (during the high cost season of the year). Now we are dropping the increase in the middle of this pandemic when many families are already somewhat strapped or perhaps out of work altogether. At least this time there’s some warning.