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New Membership Fees Disclosed

Here is an except from our Council:

Membership Fee Increase

The National Boy Scouts of America Executive Board announced today a general fee increase from $33.00
to $60.00 effective January 1, 2020 including all December 2019 charter renewal units. Specific fees will
include ($60 for youth members in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts), ($36 for youth
members in Exploring), ($36 for adult members), ($60 for Unit Charter Fee).
While costs to the organization have increased every year, the Boy Scouts of America has worked to keep
the annual membership fee as low as possible by subsidizing core costs, including liability insurance
required to cover all official Scouting activities. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to subsidize at this
same level, especially as the cost of insurance has increased dramatically.
We know the timing of this decision is difficult and hope our previous communications have helped
prepare your unit as we head into 2020. Every dollar of the membership fee goes to National BSA to
fund essential services like, curriculum and program resources including ScoutBook, Youth Protection,
criminal background checks and personal safety training, technology upgrades and certainly liability
insurance for those participating in approved Scouting activities. These critical services are necessary to
deliver a safe, exciting and adventurous program to our youth.
While many councils across the nation are currently charging local membership fees as high as $12 in
addition to the national fee, the Coastal Georgia Council’s executive board voted in September NOT to
implement additional member fees. Coastal Georgia will simply require units to continue
accident/sickness coverage at $3.00 / member which remains the same as in previous years.

There you have it…

According to the documents we were sent there is no mention of a $60 unit recharter fee. Is it possible that is a fee your Council in Georgia has added on?

We’re being told $60 is for youth in troops, packs, and crews. $36 for any adult. PLUS $12 a person for local council insurance.

The docs we got have no mention of the $60 unit recharter fee.

There is a $60 unit recharter fee in the FAQs section at the following link:

Q: Does this apply to youth members and volunteers?

A: Yes, the new fees apply for youth and adult members. Effective January 1, 2020, the new fees are:

  • $60 for youth members in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts,
  • $36 for youth members in Exploring, and
  • $36 for adult members (includes cost of background check and Scouting Magazine)
  • $60 for unit charter fees
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The official announcement and FAQ can be found at BSA MEMBERSHIP FEE INCREASE DETAILS AND FAQ. The FAQ mentions the increased recharter fee.

Why did they HIDE it in the QA? No one knows. Thanks

The unit charter fee has existed. Last year it was $40.


Almost doubling the national cost for youth? I’m guessing that is to make up for the loss of all the LDS Units and build up funds for settlements. There is no way our youth will get any “programing” benefit to this increase. I’m not not too happy about this. Luckily I only have one son in the program and he is on track to complete his Eagle in about 18 months.


I’m feeling very demoralized right now. I’m the one who had to write the emails to families, make the announcement during our pack meeting last night, and deal with all of the upset parents. I am sick to my stomach, watching my email, waiting for the next person who wants to yell at me. My council hasn’t even notified units that there’s a fee increase, with an October 31 deadline for recharter looming. It’s unfair to do this to us as volunteers. We have been forced to “bait and switch,” and it isn’t right.

I live in a rural area of WV with about 25,000 people in our county. We have one boy’s troop, girls troop, and a cub unit. It has been a struggle to keep a unit open due to it being a high poverty area. I figure we will probably fold due to the latest increase. It is a shame that this area would be without scouting now. I wonder how many other units will fold and cause an even bigger increase next year. For those that say it isn’t much of an increase has obviously never lived in an area where some house still have dirt floors.


I’d contact your council. They may have a fund or know how to access the National fund to help individuals who can’t afford it.

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While the PR machine will say Scouting is still a great value, parents around the nation will start questioning if the value is worth the financial investment. Not all Troops and Packs operate the same, have the money to sustain the increase in costs and how much is the “price” of making Eagle Scout?

My guess is some families that have Scouts close to the Eagle Rank (Star, Life and maybe First Class) will probably press to finish quickly if possible so they can save the money…

It’s going to be an unfortunate decision for some. Dropping this price hike as we are getting close to the Christmas Holiday’s is really poor form.


I think often we compare the “value” of scouting to the wrong thing. If I look at my troop, less than half are involved in sports. Much of the time what we are in competition with is “no organizational affiliation.” Yes, some will find something else when they leave scouting. But far less than a majority in my experience.

I live in a relatively small town and have some remaining connection to many of the kids that have left scouting in the 8+ years since getting back to scouting. Parents will tell you all kinds of stuff if you are genuinely interested in their kid above interested in their kid’s participation in your program. Most of those lost in the years since Tiger are not in any program at all. The second largest group are in school programs that cost less than scouts.


The increased membership fees I can only believe are from the settlements and lawsuits. These are from someone else’s sin from the 1950’s-1980’s. Has anyone paused to think that the scouts of the millennials and gen Xer’s are the ONLY ones penalized for these actions? This is worse than paying reparations for slavery. The ones who committed the sins are likely dead. Someone smart needs to shed us of this liability that makes no sense. The lawyers are killing a great organization.

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Like others, my worry is for the lower income families. Everyone should be able to enjoy the program, but many will be priced out. Maybe each pack or charter can start a “Love Fund” to donate to help kids who can’t pay the new exorbitant increases.

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