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New My.Scouting.org transfer tool

Am waiting on Council response - but has anyone heard if an application is still needed if unit or parent uses the new transfer tool?

On the my.scouting.org home page:

Now users are able to transfer from one Scout unit to another without having to take a new application into the Scout office. On the “My Application” tab you can transfer yourself as an adult volunteer or your youth member from unit to unit. Unit leaders will be able to transfer youth by going to the new “Roster” feature in “Member Manager” and “Organization Manager” and select the youth who need to be transferred, then click the “Transfer” icon. This will create a transfer application which will be sent to the new unit with the ability to be approved in “Application Manager”.Transfers will take 48 hours to sync with the new unit.

The “Roster tool” also allows unit leaders to email other leaders in the unit directly from the tool. Editing youth/adult profiles, and printing rosters/membership cards is also available in the updated tool.

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It would be nice if this tool actually worked. It does not, sadly.

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When did you try it, and what exactly didn’t work?

Thanks Bill. When I input my troop info (troop bern around for 60 years), it repeatedly produced no data.

Many thanks.


If your troop has less than 4 numbers, are you putting in leading zeros?

not all councils use 0 - they are all different in leading numbers

Great point. They might jot even be the same between Units. You see that some times for troops to sync up with packs. They might tell everyone they are troop and pack 21, but they really are Troop 1021 and Pack 6021. I have seen girls troops do the same. Most in our council start with a 6, and there is a linked boy and girl troop that go by a common, say 32. One is really 6032 and the other is 0032.

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I just confirmed that beascout.org will give a unit’s leading digits.

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yeah I am making a PDF for my new parents package - I want to test the process first though

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Thanks Matt. My troop is Troop 1128.

No issues with zeroes then.



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Council confirmed no app needed if Parent or authorized leader from first unit uses the tool. Here is a PDF I will be giving out

MYST Transfer tool.pdf (194.6 KB)


We have the same problem. Our charter hasn’t been processed yet so our unit isn’t showing up. We have to wait for another unit to get processed as we have a couple of youth who are multiple with us and primary in the unit who is behind in turning in their charter.

Also, this only works for units within the same Council. Scouts transferring in from different Councils have to use paper applications still.

My recommendation is to do paperwork instead of any of the on-line tools. We just discovered that because our recharter has not been finalized by council, we no longer have a pin in the Be A Scout system and there is no way for anyone to complete an on-line membership application to join our unit. And there is no firm date as to when this will be fixed. Paper is quicker and less likely to result in errors.

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There is firm “timing”, just no date. Until your charter gets entered, you still have a pin, people just can’t do online applications. I know, it stinks since recharter entry has taken 34 days and counting.

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