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New pack and JTE

Hi I have a new Cub Scout pack that was founded April 2019 are we eligible to earn the journey to excellence award this year or do we have to have tenure

The Journey for Excellence program appears to be for new units.

a. The 2017 pack assessment in the UPG Starting and Sustaining High-Quality Units, v. 4, gold ed., guide, 522-025, 2016 Printing, PDF, page 87, focuses on Section 2 Membership and Training and Section 3 Planning and Budget.

b. I believe the following was written when JTE was introduced to replace the previous evaluation program.

From the 2015 FAQ, page 1, first Q and A:

How are new units impacted by JTE? New units will start their journey as any other unit. They will start when they originally charter, and work from that point on. An existing unit will start over as they begin a new year.

I read the above to mean using values at charter date instead of beginning of calendar year for comparison. Using the zero values at the beginning of the calendar year would result in abnormally high scores.

c. Your unit commissioner should also be doing a JTE based detailed assessment at least twice a year (using my.Scouting Commissioner Tools) and JTE should be a consideration when doing annual planning for 2019-2020.

d. For more see the JTE Guidebook for Cub Scout Packs A Tool to Help Your Pack and You Thrive - 2019 Program Year, revised 31 January 2019, PDF and the JTE website: .