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New parent can't see her scout, invite says pending

New parent (bsa ID 137381931) is showing connected to her scout to troop admins. She can log in to said account using the link sent by scoutbook to the email on her account which is correct, but her scout is not showing on her dashboard. Her connection is listed as pending but she activated her account properly. How do I get her access? She is receiving emails from the pack for events but can’t see calendar, etc.

I do not see that this user has ever logged in @Rhiangel

Somehow has 2 accounts under the same email address.

@Rhiangel this is fixed - they can log in the way they have been

I have another family same situation…not sure why these are duplicating like this.

BSA id 137299272 on the Scoutbook account linked to scout and 13958474 in my.scouting.org/account where she cannot see her scout


Thank you for getting the other family corrected so quickly!


@Rhiangel these 2 BSA #s are different people - maybe husband/wife?

Looks like they signed up with same email address and no way to change it on my end.

@Rhiangel this is solved - when she signs in she will see Scout

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