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New parent/scout invites not getting to parents

Hello, I am Committee Chair and Key 3 for our pack so I have full access to scoubook. We recently had round up and we have several new scouts.

The new scouts are in scoutbook and I placed them in their Dens and sent invites to all the parents. NONE of the parents have gotten the invites. I’m talking about 20 scouts.

We have not heard from our council yet and we don’t know what the problem is.


I found text messages have the best response rate by a wide margin. I even considered setting up a group text service but delayed the idea until we are big enough it makes financial sense.

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Scoutbook supports this if parents sign up and verify. I assume it is doing email to text gateway in the background, but basically it should work.

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That’s the real challenge though; getting the parents to sign up and verify. I’ve advertised that option, but so far only a handful of parents have done that, and mostly they are the ones who are good about email anyway.

That is 100% true. I have sat down with parents and walked them through it to get the stragglers.

@WendyDewberry If this is still an issue, please post the scouts’ bsa member numbers (no names), and we can look into it.

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