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New parent unable to connect to account

I have a mom of a new tiger scout that I have tried unsuccessfully several times to set up Scoutbook access for. I added her as a connection to the new tiger scout, I generated the email and it goes to her, but it just has a user ID, and tells her to use the password reset feature instead of giving her a temporary password. She has never set up a my.scouting.org account before, and the prompts to generate an email for a recovery password do not actually send an email to her. I can’t delete the account and start over as she is the only parent listed for the kid and Scoutbook won’t let me change her parent status or delete this non working parent account.
The new tiger scouts BSA number is 137372632, his user ID is 12006533

The parent account bsa number is 137372633, user ID 12006534

@JenniferScarborough tell them to log in with EMAIL and password “Training1” to Scoutbook

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