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New Primary Member ID for whole Troop

I am the advancement coordinator for my sons’ troop. I logged into Internet Advancement this morning and all the Scouts on our roster are grayed out and each has an “error symbol” next to their names with the message:

“-Scout name- has created a new primary member ID which is active in another unit. -Scout name- will remain on this roster until their council registrar completes their transfer process or their annual registration for this unit expires.”

So I cannot enter any merit badge information for the troop. Any ideas on why this is happening? Could this be related to rechartering? If so, when will I be able to enter rank/MB information? Thanks!

@SharonBrown I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

Same issue.
Is this a system wide problem?

not system wide but the team is actively investigating the issue

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Thanks, I was able to get into it by going to Scoutbook, and clicking on Activity logs, sent me to internet advancement and everything seemed operational then.

I tried going into Scout Book first too and then into Internet Advancement - that worked for me as well!

@DonovanMcNeil I know a fix went in for this recently but I ran across another one today

id number 130566005

single ones still exist

Found one in our troop also this weekend. Should we report to SUAC or notify up thru districts?

Primary support for duplicate IDs is via your Council. If they are unable to help, the SUAC can try to assist.

This has been happening to me all year. Our councel said it was due to someone at the troop level adding a transferred scout to the roster rather than waiting for the transfer form to go through. But it happened to scouts that we didn’t add. It seemed to me a snafu during the recharter process.

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