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New scout grayed out in Internet Advancement

New scout would not allow me to add their rank requirements in Scoutbook. Scoutbook support told me to unapprove scout and then re approve. This fixed the scout in Scoutbook for requirement entry, but it seems to have broken Internet Advancement for this scout. I cannot enter his camping or service projects. He is grayed out in the roster in Internet Advancement with an error triangle that says scout has created a new primary member id which is active in another unit. Local council has stated he only has 1 id. I did a ticket to scouting.support, but they said to try here due to not supporting volunteers at this time.

Thank you!

@GregoryHazen I will send you a direct message for info - look at avatar at top right for message

Iā€™m having the same problem how do I fix it?

@BarbaraMeyer I will send you a direct message for the scout/unit info

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