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New scout transferred to our Troop, but still lists old council in Scoutbook Profile

A scout just transferred into our troop, I assigned him into his new patrol, but I noticed that in his profile, his local council is still listed as his old council, and I can’t change it (I am the troop admin).

Also, none of his previous scouting history, advancement etc. has transferred to our Scoutbook.

Thanks for your help!

How did you transfer the Scout in Scoutbook? Did you use the Transfer in Scout button on your roster page?

I did not transfer him in, he just showed up in SB, I am assuming it happened with Recharter…

Is this a legitimate transfer that you were aware of? Or was it possibly a mistake?

It is legit, the scout is active and coming to meetings for the last month or two.

OK, try this.

Go to your roster page, click Transfer In Scout. Enter his last name, BSA# from his old council and old zip code.

I suspect what happened is he was on your recharter but never properly transferred from the old council in Scoutbook. If using Transfer In Scout works, you will then have 2 accounts appear for him. You will need to send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with his old and new BSA#s and ask them to place the new # in the account with the old # and retire the account with the new #.

And definitely the scout who was previously part of that other council?

Can you check his membership page to see if they still have a current membership in the other troop/council and/or if there is anything under past memberships?

I did the transfer in scout maneuver and it says that he is already assigned to our council (or similar wording). Everything on our roster looks fine, it’s when I opened his profile that I saw his old council patch at the bottom of the page, and no advancement history is present.

It is definitely the correct scout, and he did transfer from that other council.

Membership pages shows the old council as past and our council as current.

Did you try the edit profile page? There is a district and council field in there.


When you look at his profile, does his BSA Member # match what is on your roster in Member Manager in my.scouting.org or is it his old BSA Member #? When you did the transfer in, did you use the BSA Member # from his old council? When someone changes councils, they get a new BSA Member #.

Yes, when I try to edit that, there is a pull down menu with about 6 councils, none of which are mine.

Is his zip code set correctly? The drop down list of councils is based on zip code.

That is most concerning. It makes me wonder if his previous troop wasn’t reporting it. Or maybe he had more than one Scoutbook profile somehow.

That was it! I just changed his zip code and I could select our council - great!

Except he still has no advancement history. I will as the SM to go to the my.scouting and see what he can find. I get lost in my.scouting…

Thanks for all your help!

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I know it’s incredibly old-school of me, but if the scout has his handbook from the previous troop, at least you should be able to make sure that his records “become” up-to-date if his old unit wasn’t filing advancement with their council (or the council wasn’t entering the advancement records submitted into the advancement database, or it was entered for the wrong scouts, or…).

It could be informative to see if scoutbook.support@scouting.org can find more than one account for that scout. I’m guessing that they would probably need the scout’s full name, his old BSA ID, his old unit and council to help track down any duplicates in the system. I wonder if there’s a “Bob” Scout and a “Robert” Scout or something like that going on here. We recently discovered a scout who was entered in the database separately: once with his mother’s last name and once with his father’s last name.

You can call the registrar of his old council to find out his old BSA ID#. You can also ask about advancement and award history and, if desired, obtain a pdf or printout of same. This should give you the info you need to figure out how to move forward.


I just went through this with one of my scouts. His old council marked him as inactive which kept his records. My council had to request the records before we saw anything.

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