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New Survey

Did anyone else receive the latest 6 question survey?

Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed but this survey is not asking any questions that the BSA already doesn’t know.

The last question I found aggravating as it didn’t give you a chance to offer your own options to improve Scouting. Instead you had to choose from a list of options that I didn’t find any particularly useful in a way that would really make an impact.

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Yes and agree with @WilliamC

The question “Why is your unit not meeting right now?” is bogus. There is no checkbox for units that are meeting, so there is no way to advance the questionnaire without fibbing. Likewise for the question “When does your unit plan to start meeting?” and other questions.

The national survey is more an activity to somehow inject itself and make national relevant. Councils have to provide guidance based upon the states response to the pandemic. National has made its position clear in the National Statement on COVID-19. Did not the research team read this?

My council is providing guidance relative to the pandemic and has offered online and in person meeting options just fine. National should keep out of the councils business!

My pet peeve with qualtrics is there is no way to back hitch through the questionnaire. You can start over, however, if you delete cookies in your browser and reopen the page.

It’s more dumb national BSA management.[quote=“davidEPPS, post:2, topic:184036”]
Did not the research team read this?

Probably not knowing the team at national.

BSA has regularly produced guided surveys such as these. I’m familiar with survey design, so I know what they are doing. The survey is constructed in such a way as to guide participant responses and produce results that are likely in line with some decision that has already been made or is pending. The surveys are being used as a policy tool rather than as a fact finding market research tool.

I don’t know if the answer to the first 4 questions would have changed any of the options of the last question. I could not answer the first four questions as they did not apply to my situation. If others saw different question 5, please post here. Below is what I was given:

  1. Provide digital content that we can use to make managing virtual Scouting easier.
  2. Open Scout camp to individual families for families to have their own camping experience.
  3. Provide unit leaders with digital tools to plan and prep for meetings to make it easier.
  4. Coordinate quarterly/seasonal program opportunities that our unit can “plug into” to help me find fun ways to keep Scouts engaged.
  5. Offer a subscription to a Scouting box so that unit members can purchase all of the components they need to complete their advancement at home or at the meeting.
  6. Offer your own options to improve Scouting.

Items 1 and 3 wold involve the IT department
Item 4 would involve the program department
Item 5 would involve the Scout Shop.
Item 2 involves the councils

Item 1 - virtual Scouting has been a stopgap measure so any work on it would be a waste of time.

Item 2 - The councils operate the scout camps. My council already provides this opportunity during the pandemic. Why would a family that likes the out of doors prefer to go to a scout camp over visiting a state or national park?

Item 3 - Almost any activity imaginable can be planned and prepared for based on information that exists on the internet. I don’t think the national organization can possibly add anything meaningful to this other than what Scouting Wire provides.

Item 4 - This would tend to homogenize scouting across the nation which is ill advised. Different climates, infrastructures, and local cultures make this an impossible exercise. Some Councils and Districts already do this very well because they know the opportunities available and usually nurture more opportunities in the area.

Now, if you wanted to increase program opportunities then coordinate a means for troops to attend alternate summer camps outside their councils. Going to the same summer camp for 6 years is just boring. I went to summer camp in TX, MO, Canada, Korea, and Philmont, all with different opportunities and features.

Item 5 - Just how is a purchase from scout shop going to be cheaper than getting the items from Amazon or Walmart.

If the IT department needs something to do and wants to lend a helping hand why don’t they consider these chores:

If the scout shop department needs something to do and wants to lend a helping hand why don’t they consider:

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