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New troop formation not uploaded

We had 2 troop combine to form a new one. When this happened, the new Scoutbook did not transfer any payment information for one troop (the other troop did not use this function).

We also have one scout whose merit badge info did not transfer.

Is there a way to force this and the payment data to populate in new book? Is there someone I should contact personally?

Well it does not transfer because those funds are the Charters - not the units - there is no function to resolve that other than manual entry


Thank you for your response. Is there a way to get the information about the balances for the individual accounts from a history possibly?

And, what about the merit badges that did not transfer for one scout? How does this get fixed?

Try the audit report for the balances. You might be able to piece it together.

Let us know the scout’s bsa member number and the merit badge, and we can look. We do not need the name.

Hi, Jacob. Thank you for your reply and input.

I was able to generate the payment report. This has the entry/comment information, but does not specify a balance for the scout. I am sharing a screenshot of the new (55) and old (275) in case that is helpful. At this time, no scouts are left in 275. Is this the issue for getting individual balances?

It also does not have any information for the scout forementioned. Hopefully, when this is resolved. He is starting the Eagle Project process currently so getting this fixed is really important as he ages out at the end of October. His number is 137234385.

Thank you all for your help!

This should be a message to everyone else. The payment log is a unit feature and currently does not move with the Scout. Each unit should be backing up all of their files via the export features. This gives a log of the payment info.

@BrandiKwater ok I found the other account - different last name for scout with missing advancements - look after 4pm CST in Scoutbook- old BSA# for reference is 131706585

  • tell me if it does not work by Saturday morning

Thanks Matt. Moving forward we are implementing this. Unfortunately this did not happen prior to the creation of the new troop Scoutbook:( Trying to make sure we have done what we could to make things right for those scouts and their hard earned $$.

If anything comes to mind, please reach out:)

Thank you,

Yeah, sorry! SUAC will see what can be done, if it can.

My message was to everyone else. That is how it often is with backups. We have to learn from others stumbles! Sorry you were the example! :frowning:

Do you have all the transactions or just some of them? Exactly how did you obtain them?

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