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New Unit Application question

Good morning,
I am hoping that someone here can help me with a question I have regarding the New Unit Application. We are required to fill out a New Unit Application when our Institutional Head/Executive Officer Changes. I would like to fill this form out in full as much as possible but need help filling in the following (we are sponsored by the local Masonic Lodge (F&AM):
Type of Organization:
If not for profit, purpose of organization:
If religious organization, denomination:
Thank you.

John - a Masonic Lodge would be a fraternal organization for the type and it is a 501c10 type of non-profit for the betterment of its members. It is not a religious organization for the section. The Co has always been the CO and this to change the XO ?

Thanks Stephen for the quick reply

We have always been sponsored by the local lodge for 88 + years.

Our council requires this to be done this way.

Thanks again


John - sure thing. I wish my local lodge would be the CO for scout units. I guess the fact that it is Trenton, NJ accounts for that not happening.