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New unit chartering option: "council owns the unit", churches only agree to "facilities use agreement"

Found at the United Methodist Scouting Facebook page.


There are a couple of chartering options with BSA. The first is an updated version of the current agreement. The church owns the ministry. They are still protected by the insurance through the BSA. It is explicitly spelled out.

The second addresses the concerns of some annual conference chancellors. The unit is chartered to the BSA local council. The unit then signs a facilities use agreement with the church. The council owns the unit. We support by offering a meeting place.

Councils have copies of the two agreements.

Have not seen that anywhere else, and there was no discussion of different chartering options during our last couple of roundtables leading up to recharter.

This was confirmed by a member of the National Committee.

Why would any other group charter if all they have to do to avoid liability is offer a facility for use? Won’t these other charter orgs object? Is this being offered to other charter organizations?


Because what you don’t own you can’t control. A CO can instill rules or practices that other units may not based of several things like religious beliefs.


Saw this in another forum but it appears National posted some new forms related to this on https://www.scouting.org/resources/forms/

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A council owned unit is what we previously defined as a parent or group of citizens chartered org

I don’t think so now that I’ve read the agreement. In parent/citizens group (“Friends of Troop 123”), you still have some external third part that is the chartered organization (“Friends of Troop 123, LLC”) Under this new plan, there is no chartered organization. There is only the council.

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Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.

So the council is the CO.

GSUSA troops are organized like this, except there is generally no facilities use agreement reduced to writing, More commonly, it is a conversation followed by a handshake.

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Not quite as that group of citizens or parents were the org (no mater now loose it was). Council owned is new territory.

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But they now define group of psrents as being actually council chartered

Not the way it reads.

Right now there are three groups:

  1. The chartered organization (“Parents of Troop 123, LLC”). This organization has a chartered organization rep who has a vote in the Council and its finances are independent of the council.
  2. The unit (Troop 123)
  3. Council

This system would reduce this down to two (See this document)

  1. The unit (Troop 123) whose finances are controlled by the council. They are no entitled to a vote on the council.
  2. The council

There is NO LONGER “Parents of Troop 123, LLC”.

That is if the “Parents of Troop 123, LLC” choose to no longer charter the troop. If they have chartered in the past, only the council could say they won’t accept them going forward. Since the LLC is an independent company, it does not dissolve automatically.

If the parents group only formed the LLC because they couldn’t or didn’t want to find a chartered org, then this new chartering option may be available to reduce the bureaucratic complexity.

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