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Newly bridged scout's information shows his older brother scout's information

I have two scout siblings whose names are very similar, and their birth month is the same. When the younger one bridged over and was added to the Troop roster, his advancement is showing his older brother’s advancement records. Could you help correct this please? Thank you. I can provide the BSA IDs when I hear from you.

Please post the BSA Member IDs.

Thank you. I should probably also mention that initially, we had a problem with the older brother’s profile, because it seemed he and his younger brother (who was already a Cub Scout in a Pack), were being confused as the same person, so initially, it was the older brother who had the younger brother’s profile information. We reached out to our local Council, and with their help, this finally got fixed.

But then, once the younger brother bridged over to the Troop, now the younger brother is showing his older brother’s advancement information.

The older brother’s BSA ID is 137222088. He is a Second Class scout.
The younger brother’s BSA ID is 134533735. He has not earned his Scout rank yet.

Thank you for your assistance.

@SujiChang yeah - what a mess - first step is clearing merit badges. Go in and click the date on the completed MBs - you can delete it there and that takes care of the badge and the requirements. - we are thinking on ranks/requirements

@SujiChang Does the Scout have a GOOD filled in physical Scout Book with signatures?

He just bridged over a few months ago, so he hasn’t completed too many requirements yet. I do have on paper his completed requirement records (and one merit badge blue card).

If you can explain how I can delete all the incorrect advancement records and start over (manually enter the correct info), then I think I should be able to manually enter the few requirements he has completed…

Thank you for your help.

@SujiChang well to clear the old stuff on ranks you would clear the complete and approved check (and awarded if clicked) then one-by-one clear each requirements date,

Okay, thank you for explaining that. I had hoped there was a quicker way than clicking on each individual rank requirement and correcting it, but if this is what needs to be done, I will start manually clearing all the incorrect requirement completion data.

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