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Next National Jamboree

With the postponement of the 2021 National Jamboree to 2023, my question is, when will the next jamboree be after that? Will it be in 2025 as it would have regularly been scheduled, or is it going to be 2027? I would assume 2025 because if they switch to every 4 years starting in 2023, then it will always be the same year as the World Jamboree, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

My daughter wants to attend the National Jamboree next summer, but she’s also going to Sea Base that summer, so if we can delay another large expense for a couple of years and she can attend in 2025 (she’d be too old in 2027), that would make things much easier.

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Nothing has been announced yet beyond 2023.

My guess is with a shrinking program that timing comes down to demand to sign up for 2023. If councils fill spots quickly they’ll schedule another one sooner than four years.

If it’s hard to fill they’ll hold the next one further out to build up demand from more families.

I would do the Jamboree in 23 and delay Sea Base simply to be practical, Sea Base will be there in 25 but Jamboree may not be.

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