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No "be active" countdown for one Scout

Is this a bug or are we doing something wrong?

The countdown works properly for one scout who is getting close to the time as First Class before Star…

But not for another that just got Star…

Star Scout’s approval…

Star Scout’s Life rank showing that the be active isn’t greyed out…

First Class Scout’s first class as approved…

First Class Scout’s be active greyed out…

I see that for the Star Scout first class was marked completed, so that made me think that was it, but the First Class Scout doesn’t show that and it works.


seems fine to me - he was active 4 months - the system will not allow it to be completed if under 4 months

Correct. That was is correct.

The start scout just became star in the last 2 weeks. Their entry isn’t greyed out. It doesn’t display the count down. It should be at about 5 months and 2 weeks left.


hmmmm sent you a direct message

I wrote an issue on this a while ago - but never got a story for it - I have asked them to look at it

Ok! I tried it marking it complete and then undoing it. It didn’t fix it.


i wrote a bug for this in 2017 - but a DEV story was never written for it - I asked them to get to it in the next 4 weeks - we will see

Happy to re-confirm. I do like finding (and getting fixed) real bugs!

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