No longer have access to units in

My account seems to no longer have access to my unit, Cub Pack 87 in Cradle of Liberty Council. There are no units listed in the menu. Username: smoore8. Tested in multiple browsers and devices.

Pack 87 is winding down and will not recharter in 2022, but I still need access for some housecleaning (for example, we had an application come in, and I need to be able to reassign that application to the new pack).

I believe I also should have access to Pack 7155 (also Cradle of Liberty), which is the group that the remaining members of 87 are moving to. But 87 is the more critical one right now, as (AFAIK) nobody else has access to the tools for this unit either.

Appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

When you log in at my.scouting, you need to have the correct BSA member number set as “primary” by using Manage Member ID. I have fixed this for you.

Thanks so much! I’ll try to remember that for the future.

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