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No more vacancies?

OK. A couple of assumptions i want to cobfirm.
Assumption 1.I am guessing he is 4th grade and 10 years old.

Assumption 2. I am also guessing there are no other 4th graders in the pack.

Troops are seperate from packs. It is like graduating from HS and going to college. So tbis is a pack issue.

Can you confirm or
correct the two assumptions above. Then i can give you some guidance.

Yes it’s a local troop or pack or den issue. I agree. Thank you

Do you know how many scouts are in the pack (grades K-5)?

Only “about” how many, and I’d say 15 +

Cubs, Weblo 2s and handful of scouts. We are right in the lull.

That size makes sense that it’s possible to not have any fourth graders. You really should talk to the Cubmaster, not any random leader in the pack. The Cubmaster can tell you how to make sure your son gets their Bobcat. If I were the Cubmaster of this pack (and I am a Cubmaster of a pack who has at times had a small or empty den), I would assign the den leaders of the Bears (3rd grade) or older Webelos (5th grade) to ensure provide some oversight over your son and help you get up to speed on how Things work and to make sure your son isn’t missed again. I would also make it clear to you that you’ll probably have to do some things on your own in order for your son to advance.

It also sounds like you still have some misunderstandings about terminology which is probably adding to the confusion.
The Cub Scout pack is all scouts from kindergarten to 5th grade.
The pack is divided into grade specific dens that do age appropriate activities and work toward advance to. Usually a den is a single grade but can be more than one grade when numbers are small.

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Another option is to find another pack that has more active scouts (especially in your son’s grade) and that is active and well established. You can use BeAScout.org to find other packs that are relatively close to you and then contact the Cubmaster and ask questions about their pack to see if it is a good fit for your son.

your son should be able to participate in the den with Webelos II … The badges are the same for all Webelos! Please tell me what pack# andf town you are attending … I will take the time to look up their leaders, I just can’t believe that they aren’t taking care of their scouts!!

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I am wondering if maybe the local council has not processed the Scout’s youth application yet? Until the council processes the application, the pack is a bit stuck - they can’t process or purchase restricted items for Scouts (like rank badges) until the Scout is officially registered. If this is what is happening, then the Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chair, or Pack Advancement Chair needs to get with the council to get the Scout registered or get him a waiver so that the Scout can get his Bobat rank badge.


@JenniferOlinger, I purchase recognition items all the time for unregistered Scouts. The person in my pack who submits applications often takes quite a while to get it done. When I get an application, I enter the Scout into Scoutbook, and then I give it to her with the payment. We’re adding a Scout to our December recharter who turned in an application with payment in the first week of October. I just list his name on the advancement report.

Your natural reaction may be to say that such a thing is not supposed to happen. I know, and I don’t like it. But I’m a CM who has not even been registered in this chartered organization a year yet. She’s been around 16 years and has tow adult children who are Eagle Scouts. She is a key tie for the pack to the chartered organization. Any aspect of managing the pack she says she wants to maintain control over means my hands are tied. That becomes part of her fiefdom.

I am joining late but I also see your issue as being your son is the only one in his den. The den being Webelos 1.

I am quite sure the Cubmaster will try to convince you to become a leader. It’s how I became a leader 5 years ago and it was a fantastic opportunity to really help my son grow.

Now, I also lived the very small pack scenario and spent months with just my son or sometimes two kids at meetings. Personally, I didn’t join Scouts to be a Father-Son activity as I could do that on my own. So, we did move to a bigger pack and we went from 2 scouts to 12 now. Now he gets the interrelationships, teamwork, etc.

So, you can try the Cubmaster and expect you may need to lead your son until a new leader is found. Then get your son to draft a friend or friends so they can do fun stuff together. If that fails, your only other choice is another Pack.

Council procedures vary. Some councils will not accept manual advancement reports.

@jacobfetzer, I print it right out of Scoutbook. It lets you list a Scout on an advancement report even if there is no BSA member ID in the Scout’s profile.

@PeterHopkins It’s not supposed to

@jacobfetzer, please don’t tell anyone. I’m not going to be able to teach my old dog new tricks.

Actually, I have no idea how you are doing that. I Cannot replicate it. To approve awards or requirements, they have to be in advancement sync, and to be in advancement sync, they have to have a member number.

@jacobfetzer, I just did it. I have two unregistered Scouts who have adventures that need purchasing. I selected the adventures and created a purchase order. When I bring up the advancement report, both Scouts are listed along with the adventures they earned.

Neither Scout has a BSA member number in their profile, and, in fact, neither Scout is known to exist to anyone in the BSA outside our pack. They have both handed in applications weeks ago, and those applications have not yet been submitted to the council service center.

@PeterHopkins - you are advised to keep that magic to yourself. :smile:

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Unless she is a key three, you dont have to deal with her, she works for you and the committee. It the co gets upset then move to a new charter org

My son was a den of one his first year, I also ended up running the whole pack within weeks. I am at the point only two Scouts in the entire pack were members in fall 2017. We’ve had lots of turnover getting the pack back under control in terms of adults and program. We’ve got his den up to a den of four his third year.

Everyone else has good points, this is defiantly a situation where getting others involved is needed. The cubmaster should be helping figure out a solution at least.

Unless you’re super rural, you can easily change packs if you want to find a bigger one. You might keep this in mind as a solution. It costs nothing to move the registration.

One thing I do as a small unit that creates a little chaos but helps a lot is to hold all den meetings at the same time and place. We can have adults floating back and forth as needed between ages. The end goal is to not leave a kid frustrated but rather doing something at a meeting for that week.