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No more vacancies?

It may be they think your in a den already being your going to meeting etc. Step up & tell them your not in a den etc. So they know your not.

The Pack Leadership should’ve put him with the 2nd yr Webelos until more 1st yr Webelos join or they Crossover. Then next year he can be with the new group of 1st yr Webelos.

As a past Committee Chair I directed a Bear transfer to another Pack because our Bear Den fizzled out. His Den Leader from that pack transferred to our Pack and his entire den followed him, so he ended up in our Pack the next year as a Webelos 1. He probably would’ve dropped out of Cub Scouts if we only had a Den of one. My experience is that dens with small numbers always fizzle out unless they were a larger group to start and they’re vested with the unit.

@kevinwindisch, it isn’t that simple. She has very close ties to the chartered organization, and I certainly do have to deal with her. She’s a Key 3 delegate and more active than the COR.

I’ve been around a long time, and I’m more focused on my role as CM that I am concerned about this individual. I’m not going anywhere. It’s just frustrating.

It sounds like the Cubmaster isn’t doing a very good job of keeping tabs on the dens.

Speak to the Cubmaster and reiterate your problem, that your son, who should be in a Webelos 1 Den has had a den meeting. Presumably he’s the only Webelos 1, which is why no Den Leader has reached out to you. If this is the case, there are two steps: 1) the Webelos 2 den brings him in or 2) You become the Den Leader for your son.

The problem with joining the Webelos 2 den is that they’re working on different adventures. The problem with option 2 is that it’ll be a dedicated position, especially if more Scouts his age join this year or next year. But it sounds like you’re completely dedicated to the program, so here’s your opportunity to take charge of his destiny!

Get familiar with the terms-

Your son is a Webelos 1 in a Webelos 1 Den.
The Den is a part of the Pack.
Webelos 2 Den (5th graders) move up to the Boy Scout Troop after this year.
The Cubmaster is the overall adult leader of the Pack, and oversees the adult Den Leaders.
It sounds like your son has attended multiple Pack Meetings, but has never actually been to a Den Meeting with his peers.

Ultimately, if communication in this unit is this bad, I’d recommend you join another unit.

Hope this helps, I know I’ve repeated a few things from other posters.

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I have seen many answers. My 2 cents.
I don’t understand the answer of we do not have a place for you.
If you are not getting good answers then 1. Volunteer and become part of the leaderships. You and your son WILL get more out of the program. 2. find a pack that has boys, your sons age.
Another problem I have seen over and over again is that the leaders are not trained. they are making it up as they go along. Not an excuse, since it is so easy to rectify. Good luck.

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