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No Scouts are connected to the pack?

I recently took over as Cubmaster and when I logged into ScoutBook, all of the scouts are listed as “not connected”. I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong or if it was this way before and no one noticed (the last cubmaster was not enthused by Scoutbook and was determined to avoid it as long as possible). Any advice?

Are you a pack admin? To check, look at your positions and verify that there is a green shield by the pack admin position.

go to and log in - look under profile and see if your cubmaster position is listed

I am listed as pack admin and my position was updated a couple of weeks ago.

if Pack admin > go to unit > unit Roster > click your name > click your positions > Click Admin > then click update - see if that solves it?

Do you not see any scouts? You might be viewing a fake unit or trial unit and not your real one

That was it! Thank you! I can see them and it shows that they’re connected now.

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