NOA Riding requirements off?

I was looking at the NOA Riding requirements and then read over this thread:

It seems like the thread comes to the conclusion correctly that the requirement is to choose from either the cycling MB or the ranger cycling elective and then also complete 100 additional miles of cycling regardless of what you choose. (and similar distinctions depending on which type of riding you choose)

Scoutbook, however, is programmed so that you either complete the merit badge only, or if you choose to do the ranger elective you have to do the additional miles, hours et al.

Since the ranger electives have similar or more extensive time/mile requirements, Scoutbook seems to be making it easier for those choosing the MB options.

I have a couple of scouts about to finish Cycling merit badge, but have only done 80 extra miles. Scoutbook will award them the riding segment when they finish, though I believe they need to do 20 more miles first.

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