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Non-Profit MS Office 365 account


Jan 29

I found this from a January 2020 thread and thought it was worth cross-leveling as a best practice especially given the current environment we are working in.

Our pack utilizes the non-profit status of our charter organization for things like this topic. We were able to work with our COR to open a Microsoft non-profit office 365 account. We get 25 email addresses and the full office suite with around 30GB of space per user. We have sharepoint folders set up for storage. We also use Weekly to host our web site and it ties into our shared storage with a password for the parents to access event photos and such. We have added the technology to our new scout applications and to give everyone easy access to upcoming events. So much good going on. There are small fees annually or every few years for a web site name and hosting, but the benefit out weighs the cost easily. Google does something similar as well.


There is a website that acts as a clearing house for offers for many software packages (and hardware as well). They charge a small adminstrative fee… but offer huge savings. Includes companies like QuickBooks, Microsoft, Adobe, and many more. Your have to apply and provide documentation to qualify. I have been buying from them for many years, to support the not-for-profit organizations I work with, including Scouts.


This is the correct URL: https://www.techsoup.org/

My bad! Force of habit!
Thank you for picking that up!
I corrected it on my post as well.

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