Non-Registered Parents Now Showing As Registered Leaders in Internet Advancement

@MikeRobinson I think the issue is that she is not registered as an adult leader with the troop, but she is a registered adult leader with the pack.

While there is a bug with the search, the quickest way to fix would be to get her registered with the troop (multiple registration).


Thanks for your response. Yes, Cady is an adult leader for a cub scout pack too. For our troop she has served as the merit badge coordinator for some time.

What’s strange about this is I can find her listed as an adult leader when I look at individual scout profiles and their connections. For some reason she was dropped from our list of adult leaders on the main roster. She’s been a leader for several years and is current on her YPT. What would cause her to be dropped?


I don’t think it’s a bug. I think it’s working as designed, but the design is not what most of us would want. That may sound like splitting hairs, I know.

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@CarissaKrater - i agree with @jacobfetzer on this one… the JTE metrics would like to see as many as possible on events be it service, hiking or camping

@jacobfetzer I’ve been a unit admin for nearly two years. Previously when I entered activity logs they would be automatically approved. Then starting this past fall any logs I have entered show as pending approval.

@CarissaKrater – what are your registered positions in and the functional roles therein

I see from the documentation below that we at least thought unit admins should be able to approve logs as of Feb 2022.

Ok. So, an admin should have their activity logs automatically approved, but for some reason they are not. Is that something that will be looked at and try to be fixed?

In the meantime, a Key 3, Key 3 delegate, or Advancement Chair need to approve all activity logs?

Carissa, yes. (need to get to 20 characters…)