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Not able to close out the purchasing order. Keeps given an error message

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. I have been trying to help my advancement chair close out the current Purchasing order. It will not close for any of us. It just comes up as an error code. We took it to our COR, needless to say they have not been interested to help solve the mystery why we can’t close it. We went to council to see how they could help. And council kindly let us know our COR needed to contact them to help us. This has been going on for almost 3 months now. Our pack is needing their awards and we desperately have been trying to see if anyone else may have encountered this error or problem. And what worked to slove the issue at hand. Thank you for your time, efforts, and talents in scouting.
Have a great one.

@LaurelChristiansen - what is the specific error code that gets presented?

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Are you getting the error in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement? What is the error message?

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Mr. Hornak,
Thank you for your offer to help, or provide guidance. Means so much. When we click on the open Purcashing order, this is what pops up. I have gone in to see if it was that she may not have had access to do such a request and needed permission on scout book. That wasn’t it. I know our troop had this same problem for a few months as well. And our troop side was finally able to get theirs to randomly close. We just haven’t had the same sucess. If we can’t get our purchasing order to close out, it will mess up not only our awards, but the troops upcoming court of honor as well. Our amazing asvancement on cubs is going crazy trying everything she can think of. So I am trying to help find the answer since I am now stumped. I went to roundtable and asked this question as well. And they were not kindly able to help. Have a great day!

@edvignon Thank you for kindly replying as well. This is what pops up for us. I replied to Mr. Hornak as well, in case you want the entire novel I posted. Thank you for all your help or guidance you may be able to give. Yes, this is on scout book. Not internet advancement. :blush:


Are you able to get to the Needs Purchasing report or is this when the Whoops error occurs?

@edavignon Thank you for your quick reply. I can get into the needs Purcashing report web page. It is when any of us that have been working on this from different computers, browers, accounts, that when we click on the current open Purcashing Report to try and close it out so we can get a new one started. This is the error page that will pop up. The roundtable showed us how simple it should be to close one out, print the page, etc. We can’t get to that point. I hope this is making sense? Thank you for your time. :blush:


Just to confirm, you are able to open the PO, you just cannot close it. Is this correct?

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I am sending some screenshots to see if that helps to understand. I apologize for making this so confusing.

Here is getting into the purcasing web page.

It happens once we click on the Open Purcashing Report button that we get the error page every time. No matter what we try to do or come up with. I hope that clarifies some things. :blush:


In the URL for your Needs Purchasing report is a UnitID field. Can you give me the number? I need to have a developer look into this error and they will need to know your unitID in order to do so.

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@edavignon Thank you so much for getting back to me again. Our UnitID field is as follows: 206170 Thank you so very much for your help and guidance in all this. You have kindly been the first person to try and help and figure out an answer for how to fix this. Thank you THANK YOU! It truly means so much. You are my saving grace today. And thank you for your patience with me as well. :blush:

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