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Not Approved Ranks for Venturing (IA) AND Approved / Recorded Grayed out (SB)

Hello, I am having 2 problems. I have a youth that is dual registered in the Troop and the Crew. I am the advancement chair for both Units. He earned his Eagle in December 2019 and joined the Crew in January 2020. I have been trying to add his Venturing Rank and Discovery Rank into SB and the Approved/Recorded box is grayed out. When I go into IA, I see Not Approved Ranks and it lists the 3 Venturing ranks. I have tried everything and can’t seem to get the box ungrayed or the Ranks approved. I have no problem with his brother’s advancement.


@MaryHampson I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

@MaryHampson What is this Venturer’s first name? We will see what we can find out.

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