Not Connected to all Scouts

I am the Pack Advancement Chair and have not had access to any of the newest Scouts that came to my Pack this year. I have tried what I can as have my other Pack Leaders and we can’t figure it out. Any help is appreciated.

I’m assuming that the new scouts have been assigned to dens. Unless they are assigned to dens in Scoutbook, the system doesn’t know for what advancement and awards they are eligible.

The first question is whether or not your registered scouter position on the unit’s official roster at my.scouting is current. This is something other than a Tiger or Lion adult partner, which is not a “registered scouter” position, in that it doesn’t require a background check or verification of YPT. If not, that’s likely the issue, and your unit will need to follow-up with the council registrar to get that resolved.

Second idea is, assuming your registration is current, the Unit Advancement Chair functional position at my.scouting may have lapsed. That’s set in the organization manager (roster manager maybe?) Under the pack in the left side menu.

One more shot is that you aren’t set up as a unit admin, and that means the new scouts aren’t automatically connected to you. What shows up looking in connection manager for you?


The problem is you are not listed as Unit Advancement Chair in and are not a Pack Admin in Scoutbook.

Have a Key 3 member either add the Unit Advancement Chair functional role under the roster in or make you a Pack Admin in Scoutbook.

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From what I am reading so far, this seems to likely be the issue. I will share this with my Committee Chair and see if we can figure it out. Thanks - and Thanks CharleyHamilton too.

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