Not receiving messages or emails + Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address

My den leader has sent messages via Scoutbook and I am not receiving them. May be related to the “Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address” warning I get when logging into scoutbook?


The warning is because your e-mail address was on your Scout’s account. It does not affect delivery of e-mail. I have removed it from your son’s account so the warning will go away.

Check your junk folder for missing e-mail as I don’t see anything wrong with your account.

I did (thoroughly/multiple times) check my spam/junk folder while troubleshooting with the den leader. My inbox within scoutbook itself also shows " There are no messages in your Inbox."

The Scoutbook inbox is not used for unit communications.

Ask your den leader to send a message with BCC unchecked and with both the DL and you selected. The distribution list can then be checked for accuracy in the DL’s e-mail client.

Ok, I’ll forward that along and test it out. Thanks.

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