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One of my scouts wants to start a new merit badge. She does not get the red invite a counselor button. She said it told her to use the dialog box to send me a note about starting it. However, I do not see where that note shows up? My inbox is empty and I did not receive an email about it. Am I looking in the wrong spot?

I had my son test this out for me. He doesn’t get the “Invite Counselor” button either. When he clicked on the “Initial Unit Leader Signature” line, he got a dialog box message that directed him basically to invite his unit leader to connect and approve the initial signature. There is no way to send a message directly from there.

My recommendation would be that the scouts use the “messaging” feature from their dashboard to send you a message. It should arrive as an email, with the parent(s) cc’d (possibly only bcc’d, since I haven’t tried this yet). Then, you can approve starting the badge (assuming you have the correct permissions). I don’t think that they can invite the counselor to connect even then, based on my testing with my son. He doesn’t get the “big red button” either.

That would be consistent, however, with the MBC lists being restricted to leaders. If a scout could “find” a MBC by adding the badge then trying to connect to a counselor, then that would circumvent the Scoutbook restrictions on access to the MBC lists. I assume that the intent is for the adult leader to invite the MBC to connect.

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