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Notification about events

I am a unit commissioner and was wondering if there was a way that I can be in scoutbook for the units I serve so I can get emails about events or meetings that are happening in the unit

Yes. The units can invite you and give you the position of unit commissioner. They have the control, though, so you can’t get connected on your own.

How might I be able to request they add me to the mailing list? We are a cub scout family and I accidentally unsubscribed to the emails and I cannot figure out where to fix it and re-subscribe.

@AmandaOBrien go to My Dashboard > My Account > Email > make sure toggle at top of page is to the left - not showing red

I am trying this from a desktop computer and I am not seeing the toggle. Should I be doing this from an app?

You’re going to scoutbook.scouting.org, then following the path @DonovanMcNeil laid out, right?

I can see the toggle fine in my account both via my desktop and my mobile web browsers.


Log in to Scoutbook at:

Then go to:
My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email

Look for “Messaging Opt-Out” near the top and slide the toggle to the off position.

Thank you everyone! I was able to figure it out! Thanks again!

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