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Nova Awards over the summer?

I was curious if Scouts could work on the Nova badges over the summer? Minus the actual adventure parts where they are required to earn the belt loops.

Yes. The Cub Scout program runs year round, even if a particular pack takes the summer off.

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Cub Scouts can work on the Nova awards (and other awards) and adventures over the summer.

Why couldn’t they work on the adventures? As soon as the school year ends, they move up and start working on the next rank.

They can also earn any or all belt loops for their current rank for the summer as long as the child is registered.

Summer is the perfect time to work on those elective adventures and Nova awards! The youth are looking for something more to do and its a way to fit in all those cool elective adventures in.

If there is an iFly indoor skydiving place near you, they have a scouts program where cubs can work on the Up and Away NOVA award. Trying to get my den to one this summer to do it.

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That sounds super fun! Unfortunately I think all of our scouts from my sons den have transferred to another pack with more kids. I wonder if there would be interest in just an open group for scouts that wanted to participate?

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