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Nova Counselor and Supernova Mentor

I am registered as a Cubmaster, Nova counselor and Supernova mentor. Only my Cubmaster position shows up in Scoutbook. All three show up in my.scouting. Other nova counselors/Supernova mentors tell me those positions show up for them in Scoutbook. What am I doing wrong?

They only show up if they get added to a unit roster by a unit admin. They do not come in automatically. It’s a lot like the MBCs in councils that don’t upload the MBC list to Scoutbook.

@jacobfetzer - So, if I want it to show up, I should add myself to the unit roster? If I do that, will I figure out the CM, SNM and NC are all the same person?

Yes, just go to your positions and click add. It’s interesting, I just added Nova Counselor for myself, and I instantly show as “trained”. (I am registered and trained.)

If you do it like I said, there should be no concerns about seeing that you are one person.

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  1. Go to your unit Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on “+ Add Position / Role”.
  4. Add Nova Awards Counselor.
  5. Add Date Started.
  6. Update.

Repeat for Supernova Awards Mentor.

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@jacobfetzer and @JenniferOlinger - Thank you for the help. I added both positions, and neither one shows as trained, which is odd, because you cannot register for those positions without first completing the training.

Do you see “Nova Counselor” and “Supernova Mentor” when you go to:

my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools) -> Menu -> My Profile

under Active Positions?

Do you see the “Trained” patch there?

@JenniferOlinger - There is no Trained patch there, which is, of course, impossible.

I recently retook the training. So, that could be why it worked for me. Of course, once you’re trained, you should always be trained, but there could be a glitch somewhere.

The training is recommended, but not required at the national level. It might be required by your local council.

What do you see when you go to:

My Training -> Requirements ?

@JenniferOlinger - Only the two classroom training courses show up there, not the online ones I took.

@JenniferOlinger - So should I deduce that my.scouting is broken, and there’s not really a way to fix it? SCO 560, 561 and 561 show up under my completions, but it looks like they are being ignored in evaluation whether I am trained.

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