November 10, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Adventure in Coins
    • An issue that caused Adventure in Coins to require one of requirements 5-7 to be completed before saying the adventure is complete has been fixed. Per the Cub Scout Program Office, Scouts only need to complete requirements 1-4 in order to earn Adventure in Coins. For in-progress Adventure in Coins, one requirement will need to be re-saved in order for the Percent Complete calculation to be refreshed.
  • Connection Manager
    • An issue that prevented setting connections above View Profile and View Advancement via Connection Manager has been fixed.
  • Den and Pack Positions
    • An issue that caused errors when adding some den and pack leadership positions has been fixed.
  • Individual Advancement Record
    • The extraneous “Attend Meeting” and “Personal Protection” lines for the Scout rank on the Scouts BSA Individual Advancement Record have been removed.
  • Leader Search
    • An issue that prevented registered leaders from being returned in search results has been fixed.
  • Member’s Council
    • An issue that caused Scoutbook to set the incorrect Council when some members created a new ID has been fixed. Members who experienced this issue may need to manually set the correct Council by going to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Edit Profile.

New Features

  • Health Care Professions Merit Badge
    • The Health Care Professions Merit Badge which replaces the Medicine Merit Badge is now supported by Scoutbook. The Merit Badge Patch is identical for both the Health Care Professions and Medicine Merit Badges.
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