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November 21, 2019 Internet Advancement Change Log

New Features

  • In the event that a youth has more than one member ID only the most current one associated with the most current unit is active. Youth will show as disabled if both of the following are met:
        1. they have multiple Member IDs
        1. their member ID on the screen is not the most current.
    • This most commonly happens when a youth transfers councils and gets a new Member ID. The old Member ID is left as an orphan in the old unit until the charter or membership expires. However, in the mean time the Scoutbook advancement profile has been remapped to the new Member ID.
    • If a Scout is disabled in the unit showing in Internet Advancement, then their advancements will need to be recorded in their new unit. For more information see the guide here.

Bug Fixes

  • Date-picker scroll fix for mobile
  • Roster error when switching council units - fixed (council admin users only)