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NRA First Steps vs BSA Merit badges

How does the NRA First Steps for Rifle Shooting differ from BSA Rife Merit Badge?
If a Scout has the BSA Rifle Merit Badge, can it count for NRA First Steps in requirement 1A1 Sea Scout Marksmanship?

Is there anyone in Sea Scouts that knows the answer?

I answered on your other thread but for any that may see this. When I took the NRA course we were encouraged to use the First Steps curriculum in teaching the MB. If the MB is truly earned there is no point in spending three hours in a First Steps course.

Having said that, before shooting with my unit a scout who hasn’t shot with us before would be engaged in a discussion to check their knowledge level. This wouldn’t be a “test” but about wanting to ensure the scout will know the safety and fundamentals.

From: Chuck Holden
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Great question! It depends on the person who is signing the Sea Scout off on the requirement. The information is basically the same for both and if the Sea Scout has had earned the merit badge fairly recently, usually that will do it. The important thing is the attitude of the person signing off.

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