OA Eligibility Report: CSV Export is incorrect

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the OA Eligibility Report.
  2. Export to CSV.

Observed results:

Current OA members are included in the list of ineligible members.

Expected results:

Current OA members are only included in the list of current members.

Additional Notes:

The main report and the PDF version of the report behave correctly.

Thanks for reporting this. I have passed it along to the developers.

A fix was just released. Could you verify that it works now?

It is still broken. Maybe the release hasn’t happened quite yet?

I’ve had to log off then back on to get things to update sometimes.

ETA: Nope, I tried cycling browsers and the CSV export looks broken to me, too.

Sorry. It’s been reported back to the developers that it’s not fixed.

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Another fix has been released. Please try again and let us know if it is now working as expected.

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