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OA Eligibility Report is SB

Does the OA report take into account requirements waived due to COVID? We seem to have a number of Scouts not appearing as eligible and we aren’t sure why?

The OA eligibility report simply checks that rank requirements are met and counts the number of camping nights recorded for short-term and long-term. Whatever has been placed in the camping log should be the source for those counts.

I have a Life Scout who is currently stuck at 6 nights of short-term and 5 long-term while we wait on our council to let us out in the woods again.

The OA eligibility report has not been modified for the COVID camping guidelines. The number of short term and long term nights are included. It would be easy to find Scouts that meet the 15 night requirement but not the 5 long term night requirement.

Since there is no virtual indicator in the logs, Scoutbook has no way to determine if the max number of virtual nights per month is exceeded.


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