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OA Eligibility report title has Oder instead of Order

Label at top of the report says “oder” of the arrow instead of order.

Didn’t see this reported but if duplicate, please remove this post.

Troop xxx
The Oder of the Arrow Scout Eligibility

LOL - this has been reported

This typos is fixed now

I’ll 2nd that the fix is working as well. Quick turn around!!! Now can someone fix the oder of the Scouts after 15 days camping?

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@DaveBuckley - that is a rather tall oder… i mean order for the dev team.

Can you be more specific? Fix it how?

@JenniferOlinger - he was talking about how the scent of the scouts after 15 days of camping…

Sorry it was an attempt at humor. Software is fixed. Scouts may need a redesign

Ah, OK. Oder vs. odor… :smiley:

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