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OA for cub scout leaders

I had a strange phone call the other day from a member of our council. They said they voted for a cub leader to be tapped out for OA. 1) is it common/normal for cub leaders to be in OA, initiated as a leader?
2) is it normal for the district committee to vote in leaders from other troops
I guess the rub is he will not get tapped out, ordeal is next week and they want him part of it. im not saying he is not deserving, i just think it was s strange call from a council employee to tell me they want him to be an ordeal. What are the thoughts on this?

  1. I don’t know that I would say it was common, but I wouldn’t call it entirely unknown either. Personally, I think having more arrowmen on the cub side of the house would be a great way to help bring more of the brotherhood of cheerful service to the cub program, and vice versa. It could help chapter and lodge officers better understand how arrowmen might be able to serve the cub program.

  2. The lodge executive committee votes to confirm adult nominations. My understanding is that the unit nominates unit scouters, the district nominates district scouters, and the council nominates council scouters. Scouters are nominated and evaluated based primarily on their ability provide service to the order and scouting at large. Nominations are kept confidential unless and until approved by the lodge adult selection committee.
    There’s more to it, but that’s the broad brush strokes.

Is this cub scout leader active at more than the pack level? That could easily explain his nomination happening from an other-than-unit level.

If the scouter isn’t upset about the short warning time, I don’t see a reason to sweat it. A lot of lodges are scrambling to finish elections and nominations, given when the various social distancing orders have been implemented. What’s your role? I’m not used to anyone other than the nominee being notified.

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OA nominations normally arise from a troop, crew, or ship. Someone from a pack would need to be nominated by " lodge adviser, district chairmen, council president, or professional staff" if they weren’t from a troop. So, was this coming from them? If it is coming from them, has this adult met the camping requirements? 15 nights within the last 2 years including one, but not more than 1 week at camp? If they haven’t meet the camping requirement, has the lodge advisor and scout executive waived it?

So, if they aren’t from a troop/crew/ship, it is a pretty rare event that they have met the requirements for the “alternative nominations”. A Pack can’t just “want” a cub leader to be a member.

From guide to Officers and Advisors
"Adult leaders in council and district positions: The lodge adviser, district chairmen, council president, or members of the professional staff may nominate adults to the lodge adult selection committee. All requirements set forth for adult leaders in units must be fulfilled, with the exception of the camping requirements, which may be waived at the discretion of the lodge adviser and Scout executive. Recommendations of the adult selection committee, with the approval of the Scout executive, serving as Supreme Chief of the Fire, will become candidates for induction.

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If he’s an adult, there’s no standard to be applied to determine whether he is deserving, because it is not an honor for adults to be selected. If he has met the camping requirements, which is very difficult to do if his only role is that of a Cub Scouter, and he will be an asset to the lodge (participating actively and driving youth to events), then it is a good selection.

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Thanks. I am the scoutmaster of the local troop. we have 1 pack, 1 troop (within 30 miles)

I just think it is strange odd to get nomination from the district comm.

He has a boy in Boy Scouting but has only made one overnight campout.
He does have 2 more coming up thru cubs and got involved more with them. We hope he will merge into the troop at a later date.
This notice just caught me off guard.
I think he is deserving, but I’m worried the council is going to burn him out before he even gets to the troop level.

I still see it as an honor even for adults. Thus the thought is he ready for OA? Or would he make a bigger impact if we waited.

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Again, for him to not get chosen through a troop:

  • ONLY lodge adviser, district chairmen, council president, or professional staff may nominate adults
  • Camping requirements may be waived at the discretion of the lodge adviser and Scout executive

In my experience, the only people that came through this method were professionals that were not in the OA, but assigned to be the OA staff advisors. I think this might have happened once in my six years on a lodge executive committee.

@MartinBaker - It is not supposed to be used as a means of recognizing adults. That’s how a lodge ends up with adults who do not participate. They feel they have been honored and participation in the lodge is optional. They ought to feel obligated to participate once inducted.


For those who enjoy reading official policies, please check out the Guide for Officers and Advisors, specifically page 19 - Adult membership qualifications.

Reiterating the answers to the original questions…

  1. No, Cub Pack Committees can not nominate adults, because by definition they can not hold elections for youth. That said, Cub Leaders who are already OA members (e.g. elected as Youth or nominated as an adult by a Troop) can wear their lodge flap if their membership is current.
  2. Yes, adults in district/council positions can be nominated via the alternate route. This is not very common, but common enough. But this path is primarily for adults who are not already active in units, who would be nominated that way. And if someone is only registered/active in a Pack (and not also with a District), I don’t really see how they could be nominated.
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