OA report format change?

At some point recently the OA report changed formats.
In the past I could run the report on a single page and the date showed at the top of the report.
Now this new format (run or PDF) is spread out over 3 pages for our troop
and the date is absent.

Is there any way to reformat to the previous? It was much easier to read and print.

@VictoriaMorgan - what the what. Could you post screenshots

I can send you PDF files of the old/new, I prefer to send them privately due to personal info on them. How can I do that?

@VictoriaMorgan - no i can run the report myself thank you very much. Now I do see the difference but in the end the first section is what matters… those qualified for OA. And your issue is the rest… well…

To post, block out names / faces and post the screen shots.

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