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Official Merit Badge Sash

Does anyone know if the official merit badge sash is required, or can it be hand-made?

I guess the scout might loose a point or two on inspection if the sash isn’t standard issue. Depends on the SPL.

Is it required to be purchased? Is anything required to be purchased? One of the points of the uniform is to be uniform. So, my opinion (there really is no factual answer), yes, it should be purchased.

It would be difficult to make one that would look official. There was a troop that homemade troop numbers. They looked very amateurish and out of place. Was it “against the rules”? Well, there really is no enforcement of these types of rules.

Matt brings up a good point. It is possible to be uniform within a troop if, say, you make sashes for all the boys. But then if/when your scout attends a court of honor with some other troop, he/she’ll be out of place.

On the other hand, now that the Scouts BSA Uniform Inspection Sheet says that the handbook is part of the uniform, but doesn’t explain its placement, maybe you could start a trend by sewing sashes with book-pockets. :smile:

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Since only merit badges can go on the front, and only merit badges or temporary patches can go on the back, presumably the pocket has to go on the side…:laughing:

The inspection sheets don’t say anything about not hanging the handbook on your belt…

sigh We’re having way too much fun with this for this time of the day…

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Also, MB sashes are not “too” expensive at $10.99. The merit badges ON the sash are much more expensive.

For the scout waylaid by an insignia dork:

  • my previous suggested reply: "No Sir, that MB sash is not hanging from my belt. It is hanging from a sash-rack.
  • my revised suggested reply: “No Sir, that is not an MB sash hanging from my belt. It is my handbook holder.”

:smiling_imp: The insignia guide can lead one to cry or to laugh … choose the latter. :innocent:

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And a few stuck adults will be in a quandary when the scouts shows that they have their scout book - on their phone.


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