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Official Uniform Jacket?

Is there an official BSA uniform jacket available for purchase? Page 30 of the Guide to Awards and Insignia show a drawing of a jacket next to the drawing of the jac-shirt which I know is available for purchase. But I have never seen an “official” uniform jacket that looks like the one in the drawing.

I believe that jacket was discontinued years ago.

When I worked at the Scout Shop the official Jackets and slacks were special orders. I have only seen District, Council and National Employees wear these items.

@JeremyPenner The picture in the Guide to Awards and Insignia shows that this is a jacket for Scouts - it looks kind of like a windbreaker. I think the jacket you might be thinking of is the professional dress blazer.

I honestly haven’t seen one of the (I believe they were also red) windbreaker-style jackets since I was a scout.

I assumed that the intent of the G2I&A was “If you’re going to sew one of these BSA jackets patches on your jacket, it goes here.” Most of the BSA-sold jackets I’ve seen now have an emblem of one kind or another already embroidered on the jacket, rather than a patch.

These Jackets are still sold at the scout shops and are usually kept in stock and are sold at about $100, machine washable, and less itchy than the old ones. There is still the patch that goes on one of the front pockets.

The red jackets you may see scouters wear in some wood badge photos or older photos still have the small oval BSA patch you can sew on.

I’m not talking about the wool ones. I’m talking about the polyester windbreakers, which is what it looks like the image in the G2I&A refers to (at least to me).

@JenniferOlinger you are correct. Dumb me didn’t click the links to see the photos since I thought by reading the question alone described the blazer. But to answer the question the jacket is still in production

It’s odd that it’s not available at scoutstuff.org if it’s a supply group item.

Googling red bsa windbreaker only brings up listing for the old jackets on sites such as ebay. This was once available as a poplin windbreaker and then later in the 80’s as a nylon windbreaker.
I have not seen one for sale in any of our local scout shops, and nothing similar comes up in a search on scoutstuff.
I did find one to fit my nephew, and do check ebay from time to time.
JeremyPenner - you may be referring to the red jac shirt as still being in production, and yes it is less itchy than the old one’s as it is a wool/polyester blend. I believe I paid around $100 for mine last year (can no longer button the old 70’s version)

Jackets are BSA apparel, not official uniform.

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Jackets were sold years ago. Here are images of my jacket showing patches of my Packs, Troops, ranks, and comporees. It was impossible to put all my patches on my uniforms so my mom put most of them on my jacket. I have earned more patches since, so I guess I will have to get a new jacket for them.

So I guess the takeaway is that there used to be an official uniform jacket which is no longer in use. I like the idea of putting patches on a jacket. Sort of has a flight jacket vibe which would look impressive on a group of scouts.

Any other ideas/styles out there for a non-official uniform jacket that coordinates with the official Scouts BSA uniform and would look good on a troop (especially when scouts are standing around in a group)?

Also looked for the jacket with same results. For my grandson we are repurposing my vintage red poplin jacket once we remove the 73 Jamboree patch on the back. The label has it as an official BSA item. Too bad they won’t make them again.

Well, they are covered in the BSA awards and insignia guide. The universal BSA emblem on the front, the single patch on the back. They seem to be official uniform, but optional.

"Jackets and Their Insignia: Multicolored jackets are available for optional wear by youth members and adult leaders. The universal emblem should be worn on the left pocket or, in case of a jacket without chest pockets, in the same area. The Philmont bull emblem is especially designed for the red wool jac-shirt to be sewn on the left side above the pocket. On all jackets, Philmont Scout Ranch, Philmont Training Center, or high-adventure base emblems may be worn centered on the right pocket or in the same relative position if there is no pocket. The Order of the Arrow has adopted the jac-shirt as its official jacket, and members may wear the 6-inch national Order of the Arrow patch centered on the back. The large Philmont, NESA, jamboree, National Camping School, and international participant emblems are approved to be worn on the back of the jacket. Only one such emblem may be worn at a time.

“BSA emblem, cloth, No. 320; Scout and Scout leader, worn on left pocket of jac-shirt and over left breast of jacket.”

“National Camping School emblem, cloth, No. 276, council Scouter, right pocket; staff emblem, cloth, No. 277, Scouter, right pocket; jacket patch, No. 278, centered on back of jacket.”

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Good information. Thanks.

Son #2 was just on basement clean-out duty and unearthed my old red polyester (windbreaker is a charitable term) jacket.

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Would I ever want to be “in uniform” enough to get
the oval patch and sew it on say a red LLBean coat? I’m not sure.

If the look works for you, go for it!
I’ll add that the point of a uniform jacket is to have a uniform unit. Doing that is a lot easier with standard issue outerwear.

Since they don’t seem to sell the windbreaker anymore, it is more of a concept to make Scout supplied red windbreakers uniform. Get a jacket with no logo, or remove a logo, sew on the patch, put on a jacket patch, and your in uniform.