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Old account merged now I am not in scoutbook as leader

Evidently I had an old account when I was at a different pack 10 yrs ago. BSA did me a “favor” and merged the two, why they could not delete the old one is beyond me. Since that happened I looged into scout book and now I am not a leader I am a parent looking at my old scoutbook who sees my picture as leader

The reason may be that there might be training that does not expire associated with that account. I am not saying they looked and made a decision because they saw some, they just only merge the accounts because there may be training.

Are you logging in with your my.scouting username and password?

Yes using correct password. Is there a customer service I cam call? I have sent 3 emails with no response and stuff waiting to be entered.

I haven’t had much success with calling BSA Member Care. They’re not on the technical side, and I’m not aware of a phone number for the technical support.

There should be at least the three unit-level admins for your unit. One stopgap option would be to have them invite this “old” account to the unit as a leader, which should be able to give you access to some functionality at least on a temporary basis while works the problem.

What are the SSD number(s) that came back via the automated system when you submitted your help request? The number would appear in the subject line of the (second?) automated reply.

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